Easy Homemade Pregnancy Test

Homemade Pregnancy Test

There are many women who do not have access to a clinic or do not have medical stores close by where they can buy a pregnancy test kit. For such women, there are some methods available by which they can prepare homemade pregnancy tests. While these tests are known not to bring in any harm, they might not be effective as well. As these tests are not precise, one needs to be cautious before opting for homemade pregnancy tests.

Points To Note

Even if the results do show up positive, it is imperative that one gets a home medical pregnancy test done or visit a doctor. Then one can arrange to go in for prenatal visits. Again, some of the contents that are used in the preparation of homemade pregnancy tests are harmful and one needs to be careful. One such harmful ingredient is bleach which should not be inhaled when one is preparing a homemade pregnancy test.

Any pregnancy test is designed to check the urine for any presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG which stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The amount of hCG present in the urine is tested. In case of a medical pregnancy test stick, the urine drops come in contact with the strip and the effects are shown within minutes. The effect comprises of whether hCG was detected in the urine or not. There are many home kits available that can help one to identify pregnancy six days before a missed period. In case of a homemade pregnancy test, one has to wait till the first day of missed period in order to identify the presence of hCG in the urine.

Home Made Pregnancy Test

There are simple homemade measures that one can adopt in order to detect pregnancy:

With Toothpaste

One can make a homemade pregnancy test by
•    using a spoonful of toothpaste and adding it to the urine sample
•    there might occur a change in color or the mixture could turn frothy
These signs could indicate that one is pregnant.

Using Pine Sol

It is a brand which is a reliable home cleaning product. One should use the original product to test for pregnancy and not the ones which are fragrant or have other chemicals mixed to produce variants.

Home Made Test With Bleach

If one prepares a homemade pregnancy test with bleach, it works in the following manner:
•    the bleach is added to a urine sample
•    if it fizzes over or there is froth that will indicate chances of pregnancy

Easy Home Made Test With Vinegar

One can easily prepare a homemade test with vinegar:
•    a small cup of vinegar has to be taken
•    urine sample has to be add to it
•    if the vinegar color changes it will indicate pregnancy.
There are other signs and symptoms that women can follow in order to detect pregnancy. Tender breasts, missed periods, nausea and aches can be seen as signs of pregnancy. Once these early signs are seen, one can refer to a doctor or get a urine test done clinically to be certain of pregnancy.

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