Exercises To Get Rid Of The Flab

Exercises To Get Rid Of The Flab

Everyone moans of the same thing sometime or the other in their lives – how to get rid of flab that accumulate in their mid section. While the stomach fat might be more apparent, fat starts accumulating in the upper arms, the hips and the buttocks as well. People who lead sedentary lives and do not find time to be physically active face such issues sometime or the other in their lives. There are many quick fixes that are advertised online. From ab belts to other fitness gadgets, these promise to work on the flab without the wearer having to move a muscle. However, these gadgets are hardly as efficient as they claim to be. Again, any device that targets only a certain portion of the body and not the whole body will not be able to reduce flab to any appreciable extent. It is thus imperative that one resorts to exercises of the aerobic as well as the anaerobic kind in order to get rid of the flab.

Aerobic And Anaerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are cardiovascular exercises which help to burn calories and fat by:
•    Increasing the heart rate
•    Increase the blood flow
•    As the heart rate becomes rapid and more air is breathed into the lungs, the blood circulation is more rapid and for that, more calories are burnt in the process
Anaerobic exercises on the other hand, do not burn fat or calories by rapid oxygenation but by the damage and repair of the muscles:
•    As the muscles are pushed to work beyond their tensile strength, the muscle tissues get damaged
•    As the tissues work towards recovering themselves, fat is burnt and calories used up
The difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises is that, while fat and calories are burnt in aerobic exercises while one is working out, the process stops as soon as the exercise regime is over. Anaerobic exercises on the other hand, show a continued effort of the exercise done as the muscle repair process goes on even after the exercises are over and hence, fat burning continues long after the exercise regime is completed.

Different Kinds Of Aerobic Exercises



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It has been seen that, walking on a daily basis has many health benefits to offer.
•    It keeps the heart healthy
•    It keeps up the stamina levels and improves energy levels in the body
•    It improves the muscle tone of the legs
Many elderly people are advised to opt for walks of 30 minutes duration at least on a daily basis. It has several health benefits for them. The same applies for others who have busy lives and cannot find time to workout in gyms and fitness centers.


If you wish to burn the flab fast, you could take up running. It has all the benefits associated with walking and other aerobic exercises but the process is more rapid. One needs to have:

•    Control over their breathing
•    Higher stamina levels
•    Good training shoes
As running is more demanding physically, not everyone can opt for it. One also needs to be reasonably in good shape to start running. However, it will show results on the flab within a matter of days.


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These are other forms of exercises that are known to be aerobic in nature and have good effect on flab reduction. Even though cycling helps to burn thigh fat and tone the legs, rowing will work on the fat in the arms. The fat will burn more effectively and so will the flab in other areas of the body including the stomach area. Nowadays there are many machines in the gyms which emulate the same pattern of workout as is seen in these workouts. While the treadmill allows one to walk or run, the cycling machine and the elliptical machine allows one to work on their legs, arms and both.

Ab Crunches

Even though there is much debate over the question of ab crunches helping one to gain six pack abs, it is without a doubt that these exercises help one to reduce belly fat. Ab crunches done correctly will help to reduce flab within weeks. Followed with other aerobic exercises, it helps one to get rid of flab effectively.

Anaerobic Exercises


Squats are performed by:
•    Emulating a sitting position with the feet pointing straight
•    One can hold weights in their hands for a greater effect
•    One needs to go up and down and make several repetitions
The squats work on the thigh muscles as well as on the stomach flab.


Pushups are performed by:
•    Lying face down on the ground
•    One needs to hold their body up with the help of the hands and the toes
•    One needs to go up and down and make several repetitions
Pushups help to strengthen the upper chest muscles and also works on the whole body.


Lunges are performed by:
•    Placing one bent leg forward and one bent leg back
•    One should go down in such position
•    On getting up they should bring their legs together
•    The legs can be changed in position and the same exercise repeated
•    Lunges can be performed forward and back or sideways
There are other weight training exercises and resistance exercises that one can perform in the gym to lose flab. In the process of toning and developing muscles, one will be able to lose the flab from different parts of the body.

It is also important to follow the right diet along with these exercises. Cutting down on sugary, processed and white flour based food items is the first step. Maintaining a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and fiber rich food items along with adequate intake of protein will help to sustain the effects of such exercises. Is flab troubling you? Have you tried many methods and not found effects? Do you know of other effective exercises that can help to reduce flab? Feel free to post your comments and feedback.

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