How To Get Rid Of Varicose Veins

5ways To Get Rid Of Varicose Veins

Many women are seen coming over to the doctor with complaints about varicose veins. These are veins that are tortuous and dilated veins that run right under the skin of the legs and they are thus apparent. Even though they are benign mostly, one may wish to get rid of them due to cosmetic reasons. Many women have them instead of men and they are in a dilemma how to deal with them.

Causes of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins usually run in the family history. Thus, if you have people in the family having them, you are more likely to get them.
•    There are valves that act as doorways and run through the veins in order to push the blood flow back to the heart up from the feet. When such a doorway becomes too flappy, fluid tends to accumulate in the veins. That makes them pop out more than usual.
•    Such a nature of the veins is often genetic in nature and there is not much that one can do to prevent them from occurring.

Symptoms of Varicose Veins

The symptoms of varicose veins are characteristic in those who suffer them. The symptoms and signs are not as scary as they look.
•    Sometimes people may develop tenderness around the area surrounding the enlarged veins
•    There might occur mild swelling of the legs
•    One could suffer from skin tightening or itching sensation in the legs
•    One could even find the legs going heavy
•    The size of the veins is not proportional to the amount of discomfort that they can cause
•    The main complaint that emerges is that, it makes one’s legs appear ugly
•    Hormonal imbalance can bring on enlarged varicose veins especially if one has genetic predisposition towards it

Here are the 5 ways to get rid of Varicose Veins

There are many natural ways to treat varicose veins:

Elevating the legs

One could have spent a long day on their feet after which they might find mild swelling:
•    That is remedied by elevating the legs
•    One can put up the legs on some pillows when they come home
•    The blood flow works with gravity and comes back to the hart


One could use ice in the following manner:
•    It can be used to constrict the blood vessels
•    If there is swelling or discomfort one could apply an ice pack over the swollen veins

Anti Inflammatory Medication

Medicine such as Ibuprofen can help by:
•    Reducing inflammation or swelling in the legs.
•    One should refer to a doctor before taking them

Compression Stocking

Such stockings can be found in medical stores:
•    These stockings help to tighten the skin
•    They provide external support to the veins and allow the blood flow to move up more easily towards the heart


One should do regular cardiovascular exercises:
•    That will prevent the blood flow from accumulating in the varicose veins
•    The blood flow and circulation will improve

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Suffering from varicose veins? Do not wish to take up medicines for the same? These effective home remedies will help to keep such a condition in control.

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    any good medicine in ayurveda

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    . .how to get lose varicose at home .plz.
    Im so young having a varicose vein.

    • My Health Tips

      Try this remedies dear.

  • Sally Baguio

    A pounded cabbage poultice or crust potato poultice will aid in lowering vein colds and inflammations sipping as well unnecessary uric and fatty deposits in vein and tissues, or an herbal aid of cayene capsule, and a daily intake of a coco juice..

  • Bronwen

    I have been using venorid for about a month. So far I have not noticed any improvement in the spider veins. The general redness has not improved either. I will continue to use this for another month to see if it will help. Thank you.

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    try to use venorid serum i am also using that same product for a few days I have instantly noticed a difference in the appearance of my spider veins as well as my varicose veins!

  • varicoseveinstalk

    venorid serum works to improve spider veins and with regular application they are reduced. I am a massage therapist and I tried it and I have been happy.

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    Well i am using veno rid serum about 3 weeks ago. On some of my smaller veins I saw some minimizing. On the larger clusters of visible veins I definitely saw a difference. The clusters are not visible. I am going to order this again.

  • Andrea Bunoza

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  • denim jones

    Well, the first signs of venal problem is the appearance of “spider vein”. Spider vein are also known as Telangiectasias which are small dilated blood vessels, that appear just below the skins surface and looks exactly like a spider or spiders web.
    But you may find them on your leg which is caused by venous reflux issue that’s pre-curser to varicose veins.
    Varicose veins occur due to weakened veins and valves in legs. Generally one-way valves within veins regulates bloods from legs toward heart but when these valves do not work properly, then blood gets accumulated within leg and pressure generates that turns veins weak, large, and twisted.”
    You can make use of Venorex cream that consists of an exceedingly strenuous botanical multifaceted, active plant extort in addition to clinically established components.

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    Thank you for posting these tips on what to look for and what to do.