9 Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer

Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer

Prostate gland is a small gland in men which is situated below the urinary bladder. The size of this gland increases with age and at times it can cause pain and discomfort while urinating. However, prostate cancer is not related to the enlargement of this gland. It is a condition in which the cells within the gland start growing uncontrollably.

During the initial stages, urinary problems are usually the only symptoms of a prostate cancer. Old men are mostly prone to this disease and its development is rather slow. Mostly, it doesn’t cause any serious issue but in certain cases it may spread to other regions.

Treatment For prostate cancer

Radiation, surgery and chemotherapy are the major treatments available for prostate cancer. These procedures might cause certain side effects but they can be resolved with the help of certain natural cures that are quite simple and that have a potential to heal prostate cancer at its initial stages.

Natural Cures For Prostate Cancer

1.    Ginger

  • Ginger is a powerful herb and its roots posses certain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. When consumed on a regular basis, it inhibits the proliferation of cancerous cells and thus helps in treating prostate cancer.
  • Taking ginger is also good for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. Ginger can help them in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy such as vomiting and nausea.
  • You can either drink its raw juice or mix it with honey to make it sweet.

2.    Tomatoes

  • Tomatoes contain an active ingredient known as lycopene which is a strong antioxidant. This ingredient helps in preventing the occurrence and spread of cancer.
  • You can either eat raw tomatoes or take processed tomatoes in the form of ketchup, tomato soups or spaghetti sauce.

3.    Pomegranate

  • Scientific researchers have proved the fact that pomegranate helps in curing prostate cancer. It also offers overall prevention against cancer.
  • The contents of pomegranate slow down and inhibit the spread of cancerous cells. Taking pomegranate juice on a daily basis can help in curing prostate cancer.

4.    Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds work as a diuretic and are effective in curing a wide range of diseases affecting the prostate gland and urinary bladder.

  • Pumpkin seeds contain lots of zinc content which helps in strengthening the immunity system of our body. This in turn aids in recovering from prostate cancer.
  • You can remove the shells of these seeds and eat them raw. Alternatively, you can make a tea of these seeds. For making the tea you need peel and squeeze the seeds before boiling them in water. Take this solution on a daily basis in order to heal all your prostate related issue
  • Pumpkin seeds tea also helps in detoxifying your body.

5.    Soy Foods

  • Soy foods contain an active ingredient known as phytoestrogens that inhibits the secretion of testosterone. This restricts the blood flow in the area of prostate gland and thus it inhibits the growth of cancerous cells.
  • It is a very effective home remedy that can definitely help in recovering from prostate cancer. Hence, include lot of soy products in your diet.

6.    Vitamin D

  • It has been scientifically proven that presence of ample vitamin D can help in preventing the occurrence of prostate cancer. It not only prevents but also helps in curing prostate cancer.
  • Fortified cereals and cold water fish are some of the best sources of vitamin D. Sufficient sunlight exposure can also assist in building up ample vitamin D in your body. Alternatively, you can resort to vitamin D3 supplements.

7.    Green Tea

Green tea is a popular herb that has several curing properties. It also helps in recovering from prostate cancer.

  • Green tea contains an active ingredient known as polyphenols that stop the growth and multiplication of cancerous cells. Polyphenols also have the potential to kill the existing cancer cells.
  • In Japan where green tea is a staple drink the instances of prostate cancer are 67% less than that of America.

8.    Omega3 Fatty Acids

Omega3 fatty acids are quite effective in inhibiting the growth of prostate cancer.

  • Regular consumption of foodstuffs like flax seeds and fatty fishes that contain high levels of omega3 fatty acids can reduce the effect of prostate cancer.
  • Fish oil supplements are also a good source of omega3 fatty acids.

9.    Things To Avoid

You should cut down all sorts of processed foodstuffs. Reduce the level of carbohydrates from your overall diet and add more fruits and green vegetables. Avoid taking alcohol.

Are you concerned about successful treatment of your prostate cancer? Start with these home remedies that are excellent in promoting a speedy recovery from prostate cancer.

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