How To Remove Chin Blackheads

Skin disorders are one of the common issues that affect almost 70% of our population. Environmental pollution and harmful diet habits are some of the major causes that result in different types of skin disorders.

Chin blackheads are as common as acne or pimples. Blackheads are tiny bumps that appear on areas like nose and chin. On the chin area these bumps are more prominent and bigger. These chin blackheads can be really annoying and they can ruin the beauty of your overall skin tone. They cannot be concealed with the use of makeup and if at all you try to hide them, it can cause you more trouble. If you do anything that clogs these pores, then it will result in more blackheads.

Chin blackheads can be removed by following certain remedial measures. Mentioned below are a few simple steps that can help you in getting rid of chin blackheads.

Tips To Treat Chin Blackheads

  1. Accumulation of sweat, dust and oil in the skin pores causes blackheads.  Hence, you should try to keep your skin as clean as possible. Use a cleansing cream to wash off the dirt from the skin pores. Following this exfoliate your skin using a natural scrub. This would remove excess oil and sebum trapped in the pores. Follow these steps to reduce the formation of blackheads.
  2. Expose your skin to steam with the help of a steam machine. Practice this for 10 minutes on a regular basis. It would be better if you add some eucalyptus oil to the water in the steam machine. This would allow the pores to open up and absorb the essence of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a good remedy that treats all sorts of skin infection.
  3. Do not try to squeeze the blackheads with your nails. This would worsen the condition.  Also avoid forceful scrubbing or scratching. This would either lead to a scar or it would result in formation of more blackheads.
  4. You may try some good quality blackhead strips sold in the market. Combine this step along with natural remedies referred above. This would speed up the treatment.
  5. Micro-beads and sea salt are effective in removing blackheads. However, if all these remedies do not work, it would be better to consult dermatologist.
  6. You can also visit an Esthetician and get your blackheads removed with the help of extractors. These extractors directly remove the blackheads by squeezing out all the sebum trapped inside the pores.
  7. Consume food items that are rich in Vitamin C. Ideally you should have at least 1g of Vitamin C on a daily basis. This would promote collagen formation and would also improve the clarity and texture of your skin.
  8. Take some orange peel and make a pulp of it. Apply it on your chin and let it remain for 10 to 15 minutes before washing with lukewarm water. This will inhibit the oil formation in your skin. And this would reduce the accumulation of dirt along the skin pores and reduce the formation of blackheads.
  9. Aloe Vera gel is a great remedy that can help you in getting rid of blackheads. Apply it directly on your chin and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before washing with lukewarm water. Likewise, lemon juice is also an effective treatment for blackheads.

Are you suffering from recurrent chin blackheads? Is your skin too oily? Are you looking for a natural remedy to deal with your chronic blackhead formation?  If you have been searching online for some home remedies to treat blackheads, you have come to the right place. Follow some of the aforementioned treatment techniques that can help you in getting rid of blackheads. Natural remedies like Aloe Vera, sea salt, lemon and eucalyptus oil can definitely bring some changes. Apart from curing blackheads these remedies would also improve the quality and youthfulness of your skin.

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