How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor

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Onions work great to get rid of the shoe odor by absorbing the foul smell of the shoes.

  • Cut 2 to 3 onions and keep the cut onions inside the shoes.
  • Leave the onions in the shoes for few hours to remove the shoe odor.
  • Like black tea bags, onions also work well for tennis shoes.

Orange Peels

Orange peel can come to your rescue if you often experience the embarrassing condition called shoe odor. Loaded with antibacterial properties, it will prevent the breeding of bacteria in the shoes and at the same time will kill the bacteria.

With its strong smell, it will absorb the foul smell of the shoes. It will also offer freshness to the shoes.

  • Take 2 oranges and peel the skin with the help of a peeler.
  • Now, place the peels inside the shoes and leave for overnight.
  • The orange peel will absorb the bad odor from the shoes and at the same time will offer a good smell to the shoes.
  • So next time do not throw the peels after eating the orange. Enjoy the orange as well as remove the shoe odor.

Wear Socks

Excess sweating from the feet is one of the main causes of shoe odor. So to prevent it wear a pair of clean socks that will absorb the sweats. Then there will be less breeding of bacteria in the shoes and fewer bacteria means there will be a drastic reduction in shoe odor.

  • Ensure to wear a pair of clean socks before wearing your shoes.
  • Clean your socks properly after every use.
  • Do not use the same socks twice.

Cat Litter

It sounds strange to use cat litter for shoe odor, but I must tell you that it is an effective way to remove the foul smell from the shoes.

  • Ensure to use fresh cat litter for this purpose.
  • Take a pair of old socks and pour the unused cat litter into it.
  • Now tie the ends of the socks.
  • Place the socks with cat litter inside the smelly shoes overnight.
  • To your surprise, the cat litter will absorb all the foul smell from the shoes and will make them odor free.

Baking Soda, Baking Powder and Cornstarch Mixture

Both baking soda and baking powder work as deodorizers. And cornstarch absorbs the sweat to prevent the growth of the bacteria.

  • Take equal quantity of baking soda, baking powder and cornstarch to make a mixture.
  • Now pour the mixture in a pair of cotton socks.
  • Tie the end of the socks and keep the socks inside the shoes overnight.
  • Next day morning you will be surprised to find that the stinking smell of your shoes has already gone.

Baby Powder

Apart from keeping your baby’s skin dry, baby powder can also keep your shoes odorless. It works by absorbing the sweat from the feet and keeping them dry.

  • Powder your feet well before wearing the shoes.
  • You can sprinkle some amount of powder in your socks too.
  • It will absorb the sweat and prevent the growth of the bacteria that cause shoe odor
  • Ensure to powder your feet from time to time to keep them dry and odorless.

Paper Towels

The use of paper towels is a simple yet an effective method, which will help to keep the shoe odor at the bay.

  • For this, you need a large paper towel.
  • Keep it on a flat surface and put some water and soap in it.
  • Crumble the paper towel with your hand and keep it inside the shoes.
  • Leave the crumbled paper towel in the shoes overnight.
  • It will surely remove the odor from the stinking shoes.

Dryer Sheet

You can place a dryer sheet inside the shoes when you are not wearing the shoes. It will decrease as well as prevent the shoe odor.

  • Take a dryer sheet and cut it into two halves.
  • Place the sheets inside the shoes.
  • Leave the sheets inside the shoes until you wear them next time.

Shoe Spray

The use of the shoe spray which has vodka, distilled water and essential oils in it can effectively remove the shoe odor. The vodka in the spray will prevent the growth of the bacteria. The essential oil will kill the bacteria with its strong smell.

  • Take 1/8 c. vodka and 1/4 c. distilled water in a bowl.
  • Take 1 tbsp of essential oil of your choice (lavender, tea tree, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, or peppermint)
  • Stir the ingredients and then pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture on your shoes before wearing them.
  • It will definitely prevent shoe odor from occurring again.

Keep Shoes in Freezer

This method works great to get rid of the stubborn shoe odor.

  • Place your shoes in sealable plastic bags.
  • Now put them inside the freezer and leave overnight.
  • Take them out of the freezer and thaw.
  • When the shoes are thawed properly, you can wear them.

Tips to Prevent Shoe Odor

You can follow the methods that are mentioned above to remove the shoe odor. But it is always better to prevent it at the first place. So go through the tips that are mentioned below to stay away from stinky shoes.

  • Maintain a good hygiene routine for your feet to keep them clean. Scrub your feet weekly once.
  • Wash your feet with warm water mixed with salt to keep them clean and bacteria-free.
  • Try to keep your feet dry and ventilated.
  • Always wear shoes with socks. Wear clean, cotton socks to absorb the sweat.
  • Do not wear the same pair of shoes every day. At least keep two pairs of shoes so that you can wear them alternatively.
  • Wash your shoes (if they are washable) in regular intervals to prevent shoe odor.
  • If your shoes are not washable, then clean those with a cotton cloth dipped in scented soap water. Then dry them in the sun.
  • Wear the right size of footwear.
  • Stuff your shoes with newspaper and leave it overnight. It will prevent shoe odor to a considerable degree.
  • Keep cedar wood pieces inside your shoes when you are not using them. It will help to prevent shoe odor.

This embarrassing shoe odor should not occur again to make you feel uncomfortable once again when you remove your shoes. Try these methods and get rid of the shoe odor.

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